Prairie Gem Cemetery

Driving directions:   From Highway #9 Drive North of Lenora 6-1/2 miles,
then east two miles. Cemetery lies on the south side of the road.

Prairie Gem gate photo

Legal description:  NE corner of 13-4-24; Highland Township

Tombstones Are Righted

A small band of neighbors gathered it at the old Prairie Gem Cemetery southwest of Norton to trim the grass around graves and straighten monuments which had been tipped by vandals during the past year.

L. E. Holeman, Norton, one of the workers, said that early last fall some one had entered the cemetery and upset about 20 monuments. Several small markers were broken.

The cemetery, supported by the old Prairie Gem United Brethren Church, has had no graves added to it during the past 40 years or so but it serves as the final resting place for some of Norton County's oldest pioneers.

Residents of the area said today they "had a pretty good idea" who the vandals were and that the matter will be called to the attentions of the sheriff.

Taking part in the cleanup project were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Tweed, Mr. and Mrs. John Holeman, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Breiner and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Holeman.

[Source: The Salina Journal (Salina, Kansas), 26 May 1954.]

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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other Information Photo
Bales Mary   9/16/1907 Mother; Aged 74y 4m 26d Same stone as William Bales. Maiden name was Doane. Photo  Photo
Bales William   9/5/1906 Father; Aged 75y 15d Same stone as Mary Bales. Photo   Photo
Black David S. 1827 1905 At rest Obit Photo
Carr B. W. 6/4/1867 5/25/1937   Full name was Barton Worley Carr. Photo
Carr Emma M. 2/19/1868 6/17/1913 Wife of B. W. Carr Maiden name was Carson. Photo
Carr Norma Grace   9/29/1926 Infant daughter of Clarence & Dora Carr Obit  
Edloff Victor     Son of P. A. & Ziona Carr; Aged 7y 6m 5d; With Christ in Heaven. Plot is fenced. Died from injuries in a terrible wind storm. Obit  
Hansen Odesa     Daughter of A. G. Hanson; Aged 3y 4m 24d Daughter of A. G. Hanson Photo
Holeman Arron 1/1/1815 9/1/1903   Same stone as Lafayette and Caroline Holeman. Arron's inscription is on the north face of the stone. Photo   Photo
Holeman Caroline 2/12/1852 3/12/1923 Aged 71y 1m Same stone as Lafayette and Arron Holeman. Maiden name was McDaniels. Photo   Photo
Holeman Lafayette 4/4/1850 8/3/1934   Same stone as Arron and Caroline Holeman. Full name was Charles Lafayette Holeman. Photo   Photo
Livingood   9/9/1925 10/18/1925 Baby. Son of N. & Mary Livingood. Asleep in Jesus. Stone sunken (July 2009). Photo
Livingood Noah 1860 1923   Birth year was originally carved as 1890 then corrected to 1860. Photo   Photo
McDaniels Benjamin 1828 1915   Same stone as Melissa McDaniels. Civil War veteran. Photo
McDaniels Malissa 1831 1907   Same stone as Benjamin McDaniels. Photo
Miller Frank       No marker for 2 children buried here.  
Moser Viva G. 11/15/1882 4/27/1909 Daughter of Z. & S. F. Ireland. At Rest. Parents were Zavin and Sarah Frances (Morford) Ireland. Wife of Ray Moser. Photo   Photo
Mulkey Frank       This grave is unmarked. According to a submitter, Frank's parents were Barton and Kathrine Mulkey and that he was born during March 1899 in Kansas. Obit  
Rima Lavina 1874 1903 Mother   Photo
Romine Allen Louis 1/19/1858 12/17/1933 Father Marker only contains "Father" beside the marker of Nancy Ellen (Roundtee) Romine. Name obtained through research. Dates submitted. Photo
Romine John D. 2/28/1892 9/13/1905 Son of A.L. & N.E. Romine.   Photo   Photo
Romine Nancy E. (Rountree) 3/12/1860 9/20/1919 Eternal rest   Photo   Photo  Photo
Roundtree Grandma   1905 Aged 82y According to obituary, "Grandma Roundtree" was buried in this cemetery about 5/16/1905. Obit on file at Norton Co. Genealogical Society. Possibly Mary Ann "Molly" Friend, wife of Erasmus D. Roundtree. No marker as of 7/15/2009.  
Rountree Henry 2/1847 12/29/1940   Son of E. D. Roundtree. On 7/15/2009 had metal Enfield-Eckhart funeral home marker. Dates submitted. Photo
Rountree Erasmus Darwin   12/18/1902   His wife was Mary Ann "Polly" Friend Roundtree, probably the "Grandma Roundtree" buried here. Name inscribed on stone as "Rountree".  
Walrath J. D.       Obit  
Walrath J. D.   2/1934   Obit  
Walrath Mrs. J. D.   2/1907   Walrath on top of marker, no other discernible inscription on 7/15/2009. Second marker, same plot, completely blank. Obit Photo   Photo
Watkins Clair Lewis 2/17/1918 6/11/1918 Child of Jess Watkins Child of Jess Watkins. No marker as of 7/15/2009.  
Watkins Clara 11/29/1919 11/30/1919 Child of Jess Watkins Child of Jess Watkins. Enfield-Eckhart funeral home marker. Photo
Worley J. R.       Enfield-Eckhart funeral home marker. Obit Photo
Worley Johnnie       On 7/15/2009 no evidence of funeral home marker.  
Worley William       On 7/15/2009 no evidence of funeral home marker. Obit  

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