Lenora South Cemetery

Driving directions:  On Lenora's Main Street, go south to first curve; approximately one mile.

Legal description:  NE corner of NE 1/4 27-5-24

Historical Information:  The first known burial is that of Agnes Scott in 1883.  Family members had an original cemetery deed for Block 2 Lot 100 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery dated 1885.  Since the burial was in 1883, subsequent investigations into deeds and land purchases reveal Pleasant Hill Cemetery lies on property that originally belonged to Adam Scott, brother of Agnes, leading to the possible conclusion that Pleasant Hill Cemetery was planned around Agnes' grave.  Apparently the cemetery name was changed to Lenora South Cemetery in 1898.

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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other Information Photo
Calkins Sarah Jane 8/2/1868 3/15/1923 Wife of Carl B. Calkins; Aged 54y 7m 13d; Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Obit  
Camren Alexander Lee 6/13/1852 3/12/1938   Cemetery records indicated burial; no stone.  
Camren Elisha 8/9/1825 2/1/1901   No marker. Family records indicate burial.  
Camren Elizabeth (Roberts) 1/18/1827 1/4/1907   No marker. Family records indicate burial.  
Cannata Ellen Nelson 6/13/1908 1/10/1944     Photo
Carey Charles F. 2/27/1932 1/27/2005      
Carey Dellilia J. 1896 1964   Same stone as Fred B. Carey. Daughter of Francis Riley "Frank" and Josephine (Stanfill) Born. Obit Photo
Carey Fred B. 1900 1999   Same stone as Dellilia J. Carey. Photo
Carpenter Allan 12/21/1929 4/30/2020   Son of Frank and Nellie Carpenter. Obit  
Carpenter Alvah W. 11/27/1890 2/2/1932 Kansas Pvt. Chemical Warfare Service WW I Military marker.  
Carpenter Elva 7/15/1923 9/1/1925 Our Baby Elva daughter of Frank & Nellie Carpenter Obit Photo
Carpenter Frank K. 1877 1949   Same headstone as Nellie Carpenter. Obit Photo
Carpenter Infant twins 10/19/1893 10/19/1893      
Carpenter Jasper Ellsworth 5/3/1874 6/2/1953   Same stone as Letha Carpenter. Obit Photo
Carpenter John William 11/24/1881 11/20/1959   Obit  
Carpenter Leland K. 3/21/1910 11/1/1992     Photo
Carpenter Letha 10/5/1880 10/18/1969   Same stone as Ellsworth Carpenter. Rebekah emblem. Obit Photo
Carpenter Martha G. (Tedrow) 12/11/1856 10/19/1893   Married 9/10/1873.  
Carpenter Nellie 1890 1981   Same headstone as Frank K. Carpenter. Rebekah emblem. Daughter of Samuel & Lucy (Bangle) Hodge. Obit Photo
Carpenter Robert G. 5/13/1917 11/1/1961 KANSAS PFC U.S. Army World War II BSM Obit Photo
Carpenter Robert K. 3/24/1849 3/15/1934   Married 9/10/1873.  
Carpenter Velda May 1917 1960     Photo
Carr Clarence O. 5/14/1892 4/13/1989   Same stone as Dora M. Carr.  
Carr Dora M. 4/11/1890 10/30/1979   Same stone as Clarence O. Carr. Daughter of Benjamin & Harriet (Newell) Sidman.  
Carson Edgar 12/28/1906 12/25/1971 Married October 15, 1926 Same stone as Violet Carson. Photo
Carson Ella E. 1849 1920 Aged 70y 8m 11d; At Rest Same stone as Samuel D. Carson. North 1/2 of lot.  
Carson Kathryn 10/1/1884 1/3/1967   Same stone as Thomas P. Carson. Obit Photo
Carson Samuel D. 9/5/1891 2/16/1923 Aged 71y 5m 1d; At Rest Same stone as Ella E Carson. North 1/2 of lot. Footstone inscribed with "Father".  
Carson Thomas P. 4/16/1882 5/7/1950   Same stone as Kathryn Carson. Photo
Carson Violet 11/24/1906 12/13/1997 Married October 10, 1026 Same stone as Edger S. Carson. Photo
Cassidy Cullen S. "Jack" 5/14/1894 3/9/1970 Married August 1, 1950 Same stone as Ivy Myrtle Cassidy. Obit Photo
Cassidy Ivy Myrtle 9/17/1899 4/7/1988 Married August 1, 1950 Daughter of Marion Columbus and Ida Maine (Camren) Woodside. Same stone as Cullen S. "Jack" Cassidy. Photo
Cheeseman C. Jessie 10/26/1890 2/28/1977   Same stone as Roy Cheeseman. Children Lucille Williams, Opal Smith, Edgar and Edward. Photo
Cheeseman Roy O. 1/12/1885 5/22/1946   Same stone as Jessie Cheeseman. Children Lucille Williams, Opal Smith, Edgar and Edward. Photo
Cheney Anna Gilbert 1901 no date   Eastern Star emblem.  
Christensen Margaret (Miller) 1849 1930   Same stone as Paul C. Christensen; footstone has given name. Obit  
Christensen Paul C. 1843 1919   Same stone as Margaret Christenson; footstone has given name.  
Cleland Edna 12/12/1908 7/13/1919 Daugter of J.W. Clelland and Clara B. Clelland    
Cleland Infant boy   4/16/1914   No marker. Family records indicate burial.  
Cleveland Anna May 1896 1943 Mother   Photo
Clydesdale Albert J. 1903 1964   Same stone as Bertha E. (Allen) Clydesdale and Leonard L. Allen. Obit  
Clydesdale Bertha E. (Allen) 12/16/1898 2/19/1975   Same stone as Albert J. Clydesdale and Leonard L. Allen. Bertha is John W. Hayes' daughter. Obit  
Clydesdale Carrie Charlotte 3/5/1908 9/30/2008   Daughter of William J. and Mary (Florence) Clydesdale. Obit  
Clydesdale Doris 1918 2015      
Clydesdale Leonard 10/6/1912 5/4/2004 Married May 4, 1940 Same stone as (Living) Clydesdale.  
Clydesdale Mary F. 3/21/1875 8/12/1959 Mother; The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not Want. Same stone as William J. Clydesdale; individually inscribed footstones. Obit  
Clydesdale Russell K. 1/8/1907 3/27/1943 KANSAS; PVT 3 MED BN; 3 INF DIV World War II Military marker. Obit  
Clydesdale William J. 6/3/1874 10/26/1954 Father; The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want Same stone as Mary F. Clydesdale; individually inscribed footstones.  
Coffman Gerald Norman "Jerry" 11/12/1939 6/12/2015   Same stone as his wife, Karen E. Coffman. Obit  
Coffman Karen E. (Cowell) 1/15/1943 9/4/2018   Same stone as her husband, Gerald Coffman.  
Coleman Clara L.   9/17/1894 Aged 20y 6m 26d This inscription on the west face of a pillar stone, COLEMAN at the bottom. The other burial would face north if indeed there is one there.  
Coleman Elias H.   7/18/1912 Aged 68y 5m 20d; Co H 2nd Ill; GAR post 405 Same stone as Sarah J. Coleman. Gar emblem.  
Coleman George W. 1884 1955     Photo
Coleman Ira W. 1872 1927     Photo
Coleman Minerva 7/10/1869 2/26/1945     Photo
Coleman Sarah J. 6/12/1848 1/9/1919   Same stone as Elias H. Coleman. Photo
Cook Donald Lee 2/19/1942 12/18/1942 Son   Photo
Cook Russell L. 2/5/1914 7/17/1944 Father KANSAS PFC 137 INF 35th Div. World War II Silver Star   Photo of military marker Photo
Cooper Essa Mabel (Johnston) 1888 1940   Small stone between two large Johnston stones. Obit Photo
Cowan Robert Shannon 1927 1928      
Cowell Jasper J. 8/5/1914 5/16/1998   North 1/2 of this lot belongs to Chet Bangle. Obit  
Cox Edith M. 1889 1982   Rebekah emblem.  
Cox Fred 1973 1940      
Craig Edith Roberta 4/4/1943 11/24/1976   Obit Photo
Craig Gaylen LeDean 3/5/1953 11/12/1969   Obit Photo
Craig Jessie Lucille 10/2/1913 5/7/1979     Photo
Craig Olen Dale 5/22/1903 2/29/1976     Photo
Crans Jessie M. 1882 1972 Wife of R. A. Crans Same stone as Ralph Arden Crans. Obit  
Crans Lillian Ruth   2/18/1909 Our Baby;Aged 2y 4m 20d; Gone but not forgotten Obit  
Crans Ralph Arden 1875 1939   Same stone as Jessie M Crans. Obit  
Curtis Clarence F. 1894 1973     Photo
Curtis Lila 1897 1943     Photo
Curtis Viola K. 1907 1994     Photo
Cutting Edmund O. 8/5/1881 7/20/1965   Odd Fellows emblem. Obit Photo
Cutting Elizabeth A. 7/11/1849 10/6/1936 Mother Same CUTTING stone as Otis Smith Cutting. Rebekah emblem. Photo
Cutting Frank W. 1874 1944 Father Same stone as Hattie O. Cutting. Obit  
Cutting Hattie O. 1872 1953 Mother Same stone as Frank W. Cutting. Obit  
Cutting Julia E. 10/14/1914 6/4/2006 Married 9-2-1931 Same stone as Robert A Cutting.  
Cutting Leita L. 1/9/1910 7/3/1997   Individual footstones. Photo
Cutting Leonard "Fuzzy" 6/6/1907 1/6/1980   Son of William A. & Minnie L. (Harris) Cutting. Photo
Cutting Lottie E. 6/8/1886 3/10/1889 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Otis Cutting.   Photo
Cutting Minnie L. 5/13/1877 12/27/1966 Mother Same stone as William A. Cutting. Individual footstones. Rebakah emblem. Daughter of George M. & Cynthia (Pierce) Harris. Children George, Anna, Otis and Leonard. Photo of family marker Photo of foot stone
Cutting Otis Edmund 6/3/1899 7/1/1961 RVT STU ARMY TGN Corps World War I Son of William A. & Minnie L. (Harris) Cutting. Obit  
Cutting Otis Smith 3/25/1844 3/9/1897 Father Same stone as Elizabeth A Cutting. Military stone O.S. Cutting, Co. K 25th Mass. Inf. Photo of military marker Photo
Cutting Robert A. 8/1/1910 10/26/1989 Married 9-2-1931 Same stone as Julia E. Cutting.  
Cutting William A. 6/10/1870 2/19/1956 Father Same stone as Minnie L. Cutting; individual footstones. Children George, Anna, Otis and Leonard. Obit Photo of family marker Photo of foot stone
Dale Cheryl A. (Kessler) 3/30/1946 12/16/2006   Cheryl was the daughter of Paul and Winona Kessler.  
Darling Thelma V. Bills 1905 1928 Daughter Photo
David Benjamin F. 1891 1985   Same stone as Jennie O. David. Military service. Obit  
David Benjamin Franklin "Frank" 7/20/1919 2/11/1998 Parents of Tony, Janice, Dan & Connie Same stone as Reva C. (Fitzjarell) David. Photo
David Jennie O. 1892 1937   Same stone as Ben E. David. Maiden name was Ingalsbe.  
David Jimmy Dean 1947 1962   Obit Photo
David Linda Lou 8/7/1947 9/22/1948   Obit Photo
David Lyman Alfred 8/18/1925 7/12/2015      
David Myrna Mae (Jamison) 6/2/1925 10/22/2010   Daughter of Marvin and Ruth (Wing) Jamison. Obit  
David Reva C. 9/28/1922 8/2/2000 Parents of Tony, Janice, Dan and Connie Same a stone as Benjamin Franklin "Frank" David. Maiden name was Fitzjarell. Photo
Davids Mable Faye     Aged 2m 8d Unmarked or unreadable. Funeral and death record on file at city office. Parents not mentioned but funeral paid for by C. B. Davids of Ellis, Kansas, owner of the plot.  
Davis Clair 1887 1961   Same stone as Mae Davis. Odd Fellow emblem. Obit Photo
Davis Mae 1892 1958   Same stone as Clair Davis. Rebekah emblem. Photo
Davis Robert L. 2/20/1929 2/20/1929   Unmarked. Stillborn son of Earnest L. and Addie (Rouse) Davis. Birth, death and funeral records on file at city office.  
Day Allen 1/25/1909 1/26/1980 Married May 1, 1947 Same stone as Murial Darlene Day.  
Day Catherine Marie 12/15/1913 8/5/1945 Mother    
Day Donald Jesse 6/14/1935 11/30/1998      
Day Muriel Darlene (Shoemaker) 3/15/1922 7/23/2019 Married May 1, 1947 Same stone as Allen Day.  
Delp Erma Lee (Hardman) 1911 1956 Daughter of Mr & Mrs Wm. Hardman Same person as Erma Lee Hardman. Obit. Photo
Delp Lydia 3/5/1825 9/5/1907 Wife of H. Delp; Our Mother Very old stone; hard to read. Obit  
Dieterich Fred 1/12/1890 2/7/1959   Same stone as Marie M. Dieterich. Photo
Dieterich Helen M. 9/4/1920 4/5/1989   Daughter of Marie and Fred Dieterich. Photo
Dieterich Marie M. 11/20/1893 11/4/1974   Same stone as Fred Dieterich. Obit Photo
Dietz Howard 7/26/1924 7/2/2002   Military. Father of James B McNulty and Joyce E. Scott; brother of Milton Dietz.  
Dietz Lois 3/4/1914 9/12/2016   Wife of Howard Dietz, mother of James B McNulty and Joyce E. Scott. Former Lenora city clerk and postmaster. Obit  
Diggins Albert Dale 11/22/1910 3/4/1935 Son   Photo
Diggins Benjamin F. 6/27/1879 9/2/1963   Same stone as Jennie Mae Diggins.  
Diggins Erma G. 8/22/1916 1/23/1917   Small stone set together with sister's stone. Photo
Diggins Jennie Mae 10/12/1885 12/24/1983   Same stone as Benjamin F Diggins.  
Diggins Zelma M. 9/7/1907 4/3/1914   Small stone set together with sister's stone. Photo
Dull Venita Rose 5/21/1920 5/21/1920 Daughter of Wilbert & Mattie Dull   Photo
Eaton Albert N. 1/22/1886 4/29/1978 Gone but not Forgotten Same stone as Sarah A. Eaton. Photo
Eaton Edwin J. 1908 1966 Married Dec. 30, 1936 Same stone as Velma Eaton.  
Eaton Irma G. 1919 1984 Married July 13, 1936 Same stone as Paul B. Eaton. Photo
Eaton Paul B. 1917 1944 Married July 13, 1936 Same stone as Irma G. Eaton. Photo
Eaton Sarah A. 12/15/1888 4/8/1942 Gone but not Forgotten Same stone as Albert N. Eaton. Photo
Eaton Velma 5/30/1911 2/8/2007 Married Dec. 30, 1936 Same stone as Edwin J. Eaton.  
Edgington Albert L. "Roy" 10/8/1811 11/27/1969   Son of Elkanah P. and Lydia E. (Funkhouser) Edgington. Same stone as Martha E. "Mattie" (Hodge) Edgington. Photo
Edgington Elkanah P. 9/12/1854 3/9/1928   Same stone as Lydia E. (Funkhouser) Edgington. Picture on the stone. Photo
Edgington Elmer 12/22/1883 11/27/1970   Son of Elkanah P. and Lydia E. (Funkhouser) Edgington. Photo
Edgington Lydia E. 5/7/1857 7/1/1931   Maiden name Funkhouser. Same stone as Elkanah P Edgington. Pictures on the stone. Photo
Edgington Martha E. "Mattie" 1/8/1885 6/4/1957   Daughter of Samuel Butler and Lucy Theodate (Bangle) Hodge. Same stone as Albert L. (Roy) Edgington. Photo
Edgington Ollie L. 1887 1975 Father Son of Elkanah P. and Lydia E. (Funkhouser) Edgington. Same stone as Ora Edgington and Verla I Edgington.  
Edgington Ora 1895 1971 Mother Same stone as Ollie L. Edgington and Verla I. Edgington.  
Edgington Verla I. 1924 1941 Daughter Same stone as Ollie L Edgington and Ora Edgington.  
Edinborough Edith B. (Fox) 7/16/1886 12/16/1919     Photo
Edinborough Feargus A. 1845 1911 FATHER; Col 1st Regt N.Y. Dragoons Military marker. Photo
Edmisten Julia Ann   12/30/1877 Aged 87y 5m 29d; Farewell dear children, I am going to live with Jesus in heaven   Photo
Edwards Alpheus   10/25/1888   This grave is unmarked. Obit  
Egee Winnie (Brown) 5/25/1872 8/3/1954      
Eldridge Donna Lee 6/3/1952 5/2/2009 Duffy Same stone as Nadine & Norma Eldridge.  
Eldridge Nadine G. (Breeden) 9/18/1919 1/11/2000   Same stone as Donna & Norma Eldridge.  
Eldridge Norma June 2/16/1941 1/10/2010   Same stone as Donna & Nadine Eldridge.  
Eldridge Richard 5/22/1920 8/23/2011      
Elling Herman, Jr. 5/23/1930 5/23/1930   Unmarked. Stillborn son of Herman and Blanche (Simmons) Elling.  
Elling Myrtle F. 12/14/1906 9/3/1980 Wed Feb 16, 1927 Same stone as William V. Elling.  
Elling Ronald A.   12/25/1949   Infant. Family has the first name as Roland Elling but funeral records indicate Ronald Elling. Photo
Elling William V. 1/25/1895 12/15/1966 Wed Feb 16, 1927 Same stone as Myrtle F. Elling. Military marker William V. Elling, Kansas PFC Co M 353 INF 89 Div. World War I Jan 25, 1895 - Dec 15, 1966  
Elliot Charles N. 1871 1918      
Elliot Martha E. 1853 1930      
Elliot Richard B. 1848 1920      
Ellis Esther Fern (Carr) 12/15/1916 4/6/2014 Married April 4, 1937; Parents of Virginia, Mary, William, Dorothy & Connie Same stone as Vale Ellis. Obit  
Ellis Vale O. 12/23/1916 3/9/1994 Married April 4, 1937; Parents of Virginia, Mary, William, Dorothy & Connie Same stone as (Living) Ellis. Mason emblem - American Legion Marker.  
Emerson Donald E. 1914 1966 Married December 25, 194 Same stone as Marjorie Emerson. Obit  
Emerson John 1883 1981 Father Married Feb. 2, 1910 Same stone as Katheryn Emerson.  
Emerson Katheryn 1888 1975 Mother Married Feb 2, 1910 Same stone as John Emerson. Obit  
Emerson Marjorie D. 1919 2003 Married December 25, 1940 Same stone as Donald E. Emerson.  
Emmons A. Erma 1906 1999   Daughter of Joseph Henry and Ella J. (Saum) Shepard. Same stone as Charles H. Emmons.  
Emmons Alvan 3/8/1917 5/30/1950 Thy trials ended, Thy rest won   Photo
Emmons Beulah M. (Taylor) 3/3/1921 3/5/2009   Obit Photo
Emmons G. Arthur 4/5/1890 3/25/1971   Same stone as Cordie Emmons. Obit Photo
Emmons Charles H. 1902 1980   Same stone as A. Erma Emmons.  
Emmons Cordie 11/7/1890 8/9/1976   Daughter of Job Purl and Mary E. (Brown) Cain. Same stone as C. Arthur Emmons. Obit Photo
Emmons Earnest E. 1885 1921   Son of George and Ida Emmons.  
Emmons Frederick, Jr. 3/26/1921 1/26/2007   U.S. Army Air Corps. Mason. Same stone as (living) Emmons. Photo
Emmons Frederick L. 1892 1976   Same stone as Lucy Emmons. Obit Photo
Emmons George 1854 1938   Husband of Ida Bell (Parks) Emmons.  
Emmons Ida B. 1861 1943   Wife of George Orson Emmons. F T L marker. Maiden name was Parks.  
Emmons Lucy V. 1900 1981   Same stone as Frederick L. Emmons. First husband Lewis Mather. Maiden name was Beeler. Obit Photo
Emmons Truman Leroy 1883 1924   Son of George and Ida Emmons. Obit  
Epperson Marjorie Marie 3/4/1926 3/5/1926 I pray the Lord my soul to keep    
Farver Sophia   2/22/1887 Wife of Thomas F. Farver; Aged 75y 5d   Photo
Farewell Constance E. (Richmond) 1889 1977 Mother Same stone as her son, Edwin R. Farwell. Eastern Star emblem. Obit Photo
Farewell Edwin R. 1912 1965 Son Same stone as his mother, Constance E. Farwell. Legion emblem. Photo
Faubion Jake O. 1883 1968   Same stone as Madeline Faubion. Sits on the far west end of the lot. Photo
Faubion Madeline 1892 1968   Same stone as Jake O. Faubion. Sits on the far west side of this plot. Obit Photo
Ferguson Emma V. 1875 1964   Same stone as James Thomas Ferguson.  
Ferguson James Thomas 1866 1936   Same stone as Emma V. Ferguson. Burial permit on file at Lenora City office.  
Ferguson W. Z.   6/24/1901 Aged 55y 3m 5d    
Finley Adin Woodworth 1896 1959   Large LARRICK family stone and 6 individual stones surrounding. Photo
Finley Erma B. 1896 1994   Large LARRICK family stone and 6 individual stones surrounding. Daughter of Seywood & Celestia (Hardman) Larrick. Photo
Finley Eugene Larrick 1930 1947   Large LARRICK family stone and 6 individual stones surrounding. Photo
Flink Frank A. 9/7/1856 9/5/1892 Born in Harna, Sweden; There is no parting in Heaven    
Ford Ethel E. 11/8/1907 4/21/1995 Married 7/19/1931 Same stone as Harold B. Ford.  
Ford Harold B. 11/14/1904 10/5/1996 Married 7/19/1931 Same stone as Ethel E. Ford. Odd Fellow emblem.  
Ford Louise E. 1872 1957   Large FORD family stone; footstones with names and dates. Obit  
Ford Oulden Durley 8/12/1873 7/15/1928   Large FORD family stone; footstones with names and dates. Obit  
Forell Arthur M. 5/7/1908 8/21/1993   Same stone as Ruby V. Forell.  
Forell Ruby V. 3/22/1910 5/11/1999   Same stone as Arthur M. Forell.  
Foster Clarence A. 7/23/1893 1/2/1966 Married July 21, 1928 Same stone as Lea E. Foster. Military marker Clarence A Foster Kansas Pvt. 142 Spruce Sq. World War I July 23,1893 - Jan 2,1966 Obit  
Foster Ethel       Cemetery records indicated burial; no stone (possibly infant).  
Foster Lawrence 4/27/1930 9/23,1999 Lawrence E. Foster; Cpl. US Army; Korea; 4/27/1930 to 9/23/1999 Military marker.  
Foster Lea E. 11/19/1908 1/3/1971 Married July 21, 1928 Same stone as Clarence A. Foster. Obit  
Fought Faith Renee 12/12/1981 12/12/1981 Daughter of Larry & Brenda Fought Cenotaph; baby is not buried here.  
Fought Warren 8/13/1924 2/18/1996 Rest in Peace Engraved with an Indian head with full warbonnet.  
Fox Allison B. 10/12/1924 10/12/1924 Baby son of LH & JL Fox Son of John Leo & Lucy Helen (Swaim) Fox. Photo
Fox John 8/15/1843 4/30/1916 Co A 9th Indiana Inft Same stone as Laura A. (Hardman) Fox. Obit Photo
Fox Laura A. 1/12/1854 10/28/1916   Same stone as John Fox. Daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Mary A. (Janes) Hardman. Photo
Frederick Florence 9/15/1896 8/15/1979 Married Noah Frederick June 1, 1926   Photo
Frederick Infant baby       Child of Noah & Margie Frederick.  
Frederick Leland W. 5/1930 5/1930 Infants of Noah & Florence Same stone as Rozena M. Frederick.  
Frederick Margie 7/21/1900 1/31/1921 His Wife Same stone as Noah Frederick.  
Frederick Noah 2/9/1896 8/27/1978   Same stone as Margie Frederick.  
Frederick Rozena M. 8/1941 8/1941 Infants of Noah & Florence Same a stone as Leland W. Frederick.  
Frye Apalonia   9/9/1888 Mother; Aged 44y 4m 22d Same stone as Stephen Frye. This stone faces East, all other stones in row face west. Photo
Frye Francis W. 6/29/1913 4/22/1983 Married Lorraine Dillon June 4, 1960; Loving husband, father, grandfather, an industrious humorist, contented man Same stone as Melba Rhea Frye; individual footstones are inscribed with their signatures.  
Frye Jacob B. 1876 1956   Same stone as Lucretia Frye.  
Frye Lucretia 1884 1963   stone shared with Jacob B Frye.  
Frye Melba Rhea 9/23/1917 9/1/1957 "Lenora, Ks-Mankato, Ks; Mother, comrade, homemaker, wife, A way-farer true thru life; Francis W. Frye & Melba R McKenney were married Sept 11, 1936" Same a stone as Francis W. Frye; individual footstones have their signature inscribed in stone.  
Frye Stephen   7/27/1917 Father; Aged 75y 11m 25d Same stone as Apalonia Frye. This stone faces East, all others in the row face west. Photo
Fullen Joseph W. 12/17/1846 4/9/1922 Co. K 93 Ind. INF   Photo
Fullen Lida. 2/27/1865 6/4/1947   Same stone as Thomas Fullen.  
Fullen Thomas 12/22/1852 11/22/1932   Same stone as Lida Fullen.  
Fuller Albert J. 9/24/1892 11/26/1955   Same stone as Reba Fuller; individually inscribed side stones. Photo of family marker Photo
Fuller Dr. Albert J. 1826 1899 Surg. Civil War.    
Fuller Edward C. 5/3/1866 11/15/1924 Footstone: Father Large center headstone FULLER.  
Fuller Reba A. 2/19/1892 5/8/1977   Same stone as Albert J. Fuller, individually inscribed side stones. Obit Photo of family marker Photo
Fuller Sarah J. 4/10/1877 6/16/1947 Footstone: Mother Large FULLER family stone.  
Fuller William J. 8/23/1911 1/3/1960 Footstone: Son Large FULLER family stone.
Military marker:
William J Fuller
Illinois Sgt HQ BTRY 9 Fa BN
World War II Aug 23, 1911 - Jan 3, 1960
Funkhauser Edmond 12/23/1866 3/19/1943      

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