Lenora South Cemetery

Driving directions:  On Lenora's Main Street, go south to first curve; approximately one mile.

Legal description:  NE corner of NE 1/4 27-5-24

Historical Information:  The first known burial is that of Agnes Scott in 1883.  Family members had an original cemetery deed for Block 2 Lot 100 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery dated 1885.  Since the burial was in 1883, subsequent investigations into deeds and land purchases reveal Pleasant Hill Cemetery lies on property that originally belonged to Adam Scott, brother of Agnes, leading to the possible conclusion that Pleasant Hill Cemetery was planned around Agnes' grave.  Apparently the cemetery name was changed to Lenora South Cemetery in 1898.

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Surname Given Names Birth Date Death Date Inscription Other Information Photo
Jackson Georgette B. 1880 1971   Same stone as Lewis N Jackson. Obit  
Jackson Glenn H. Jr. 8/9/1936 8/9/1936 Son of Rev. & Mrs. G. H. Jackson    
Jackson Lewis N. 1874 1970   Same stone as Georgette B. Jackson
Lucile Jackson is a daughter of G.B. Jackson
Jacobs Daisy O. 12/17/1885 4/15/1976   Same stone as Remus E. Jacobs. Daughter of Enos & Sarah (Bozarth) Patterson.  Obit Photo
Jacobs Remus E. 1/16/1884 3/28/1969   Same stone as Daisy O. Jacobs.  Obit Photo
James Infant children     Infant children of W. E. & Rosa I. James Same stone as Rosa I. James  
James Rosa I. 4/22/1866 9/23/1918   Same stone as "Infant Children of W.E. & Rosa I. James" Photo
Jamison Dean W. 9/24/1923 3/16/2015   World War II veteran. Obit  
Jamison Marvin 9/7/1899 11/27/1972   Same stone as Ruth Jamison. Obit Photo
Jamison Ruth Annabel 9/2/1900 2/22/2004   Same stone as Marvin Jamison. Obit Photo
Johnson Armida 12/1/1845 12/20/1905 His wife Presume husband was J. H. Johnson. Photo
Johnson Arthur F.   8/5/1908 Aged 38y 5m 5d; Entered into Eternal Rest   Photo
Johnson Carolina 10/20/1853 7/20/1929 Mother Same stone as J. Elof Johnson  
Johnson Carrie 10/20/1874 5/3/1925 His wife Same stone as Christian Johnson  
Johnson Chester L. 2/7/1903 9/15/1986   Same stone as Josephine P Johnson  
Johnson Christen 6/27/1862 9/21/1939   Same stone as Carrie Johnson  
Johnson Clyde 1890 1950 Father Same stone as Hazel Johnson. Obit  
Johnson Elva Faye 7/25/1935 7/25/1935   Unmarked.  Stillborn daughter of Walter and Faye Ellen (Edgington) Johnson.  Funeral record on file at City office.  
Johnson Elvira M. 10/25/1905 5/28/1979 In Memory of Elvira M. Johnson who died in Lake Wales, Florida Wife of Harry Johnson.  
Johnson Geneva F. 2/10/1901 7/2/1995 Daughter Single small stone to the North of the Hickman lot.  
Johnson Harry C. 7/28/1998 8/28/1951   Husband of Mabel Johnson.  
Johnson Hazel 1892 1964   Same stone as Clyde Johnson. Rebekah emblem. Parents of Helen Klein. Obit  
Johnson Hiram Irwin 3/12/1858 5/20/1928 At Rest in Heaven Obit on file in city office. Photo
Johnson J. Elof 11/19/1850 9/9/1929 Father Same stone as Carolina Johnson  
Johnson James Hardman 8/96/1840 1/23/1923   Illegible marker.  Son of Jacob Johnson.  Obit and funeral record on file at city office.  
Johnson James P. 9/12/1895 10/30/1960   Chris Johnson is the father of Harry and Jimmy Johnson. Obit  
Johnson Josephine P. 8/2/1907 1/11/1980   Same stone as Chester P. Johnson.  
Johnson Kathryn L. 8/5/1908 4/14/1994      
Johnson Lela Bell 6/8/1877 1/2/1935 Mother Same stone as Walter L. Johnson.  
Johnson Olllie O. 4/9/1862 6/7/1907 Aged 45y 1m 28d; At Rest in Heaven O. J. inscribed on a footstone. Full name was Anna Ohio (Brown) Johnson. Obit Photo
Johnson Walter L. 7/17/1872 1/8/1956 Father Same stone as Lela Bell Johnson. Obit  
Johnston Leo F. 8/21/1881 2/13/1920   Large Johnston Stone. Photo
Johnston Margaret 3/27/1849 11/14/1920   Large Johnston Stone. Obit Photo
Jones Carl 12/30/1942 1/30/2009   Obit  
Jones Clyde Luke 1/3/1898 7/31/1954   Same stone as Elizabeth R Jones. Photo
Jones Darwin Dean 1941 1956 Son   Photo
Jones Dorothy (Williams) 1919 1966   Small flat stone lying on ground behind large JONES stone of Lura and James M. Jones. Daughter of Grover & Sarah "Sadie" (Hodge) Williams. Obit  
Jones Edward Claire 5/22/1940 9/8/1996 A2C U.S. Air Force Obit  
Jones Elizabeth R. 7/18/1898 6/8/1980   Same stone as Clyde Luke Jones. Photo
Jones George F. 1895 1977   Same stone as L. Josephine Jones. Military marker at foot of grave:  George F. Jones  PFC U.S. Army  World War I  1895-1977  Obit  
Jones Harry E. 3/8/1889 8/7/1952 KANSAS  PFC  18 Field Arty  3rd Division  World War I   Photo
Jones Ivan V. 1909 1969 Father; Thy Will be Done Same stone as Vera B. Jones.  Obit Photo
Jones James M. 11/15/1882 7/29/1943   Obit. There are small flat individual stones lying on ground in back of stone. The names are Louis, Dorothy, Ralph. Photo
Jones James Ralph "Ralph" 8/11/1915 9/16/1991   These are small flat individual stones behind the marker for James and Lura. The names are Louis, Dorothy, Ralph.  
Jones Louis Zane 7/28/1945 7/23/1985   These are small flat individual stones behind the marker for James and Lura. The names are Louis, Dorothy, Ralph.  
Jones Lydia Josephine 1901 1969   Same stone as George Jones. Obit  
Jones Lura 3/14/1886 11/18/1955   Same stone as James M. Jones. Obit Photo
Jones Margaret A. 5/10/1867 7/23/1942 Mother   Photo
Jones Pauline 8/30/1926 3/6/1930   This is an unmarked grave. She was the daughter of George and Josephine L. Jones. Funeral record on file at city office.  
Jones Richard Duane 12/31/1954 1/1/1955 Son of Wilma & Robert Jones   Photo
Jones Robert Dean 8/13/1937 7/3/2005   Obit  
Jones Robert H. 4/23/1933 7/3/2004   Obit on file in city office.  
Jones Wilma Rhea (Leidig) 3/1/1934 3/10/2015   Obit  
Jones Valera Inez 1930 1934 Daughter Death notice Photo
Jones Vera B. 1905 1995 Mother; Thy Will be Done Same stone as Ivan V. Jones.  Daughter of Samuel & Lucy (Bangle) Hodge. Photo
Jordeth Norman F. 10/8/1912 5/26/2001 Come unto Me; The Master calleth Me; Married October 14, 1978 Same stone as Z. Arlene Jordeth. Obit  
Jordeth Z.  Arlene 6/30/1916 3/16/2003 God Is Love; He is Risen; Married October 14, 1978 Same stone as Norman F. Jordeth.  
Kaufman Fern Alpha Ward 1892 6/26/1942   Large center WARD stone (tree grown up around it); small individualized stones. Burial permit on file in city office. Obit  
Kauten Henry C. 12/4/1854 12/26/1893   Large KAUTEN stone; 4 small individualized footstones.  
Kauten Martha J. 2/22/1881 3/22/1901   Large KAUTEN stone; 4 small individualized footstones.  
Kauten Mertie E. 5/4/1882 8/9/1969   Large KAUTEN stone; 4 small individualized footstones.  
Kauten Willis B. 2/18/1888 5/23/1950   Large KAUTEN stone; 4 small individualized footstones.  
Keeler Allie 1907 1988   Same stone as Ivan Keeler.  
Keeler Gole 1877 1954   Same stone as Loea Keeler. Obit Photo
Keeler Ivan 1910 1985   Same stone as Allie Keeler. Obit  
Keeler John 1827 1889     Photo
Keeler Loea 1880 1972   Same stone as Gole Keeler. Obit Photo
Keeler Murriel 1907 4/2/1908   Infant of Gole Keeler. Obit Photo
Kennedy Hannah   6/1942   Unmarked. Burial permit on file at Lenora city office; interred 6/7/1942. Age at death was 82 years and 1 day.  
Kennedy L. L. 1866 1944   Brother to Clare Kimport and Grace Fought. Obit Photo
Kent Charles Willis 6/7/1920 11/3/1948 MM 2  USNR  World War II American Leigon emblem. Photo
Kent Edwin E. 6/17/1918 7/3/1945 H Q Battery 456 AAA ; Born at Lenora, Kansas, Gave his live in the Service of his Country in Simbach, Germany Also military marker: TEC 5  456 AAA  AW  BN CAC World War II  Obit Photo
Kent Goldie F. 1899 1996   Same stone as Guy E. Kent. Photo
Kent Guy Edwin 10/24/1892 3/8/1971   Same stone as Goldie F. Kent.  Also military marker:  KANSAS Wagoner Sup. Co 353 INF  WORLD WAR I Photo
Kent Larry Lee 1/27/1949 5/25/1993 PV 2  U.S. ARMY; Vietnam    
Keran Ervin L. 4/11/1916 9/22/2004   Same stone as Lola Keran.  
Keran Lola Maxine (Davey) 8/29/1922 4/15/2019   Same stone as Ervin Keran.  
Kerfoot Erma F. 1903 1954   Same stone as Harold H. Kerfoot.  Daughter of Clark Wilbur and Laura Celestia (Frazier) Thuma. Photo
Kerfoot Harold H. 1897 1959   Same stone as Erma F. Kerfoot. Photo
Kessler Baby       Small concrete cast stone. Inscription missing.  
Kessler Dale F. W. 4/8/1916 1/4/1988   Same stone as Mary M. Kessler. Mason emblem. Son of Waldo and Goldie (Vandament) Kessler.  
Kessler Frederick W. 3/16/1853 6/28/1920   Same stone as Priscilla Ann Kessler.  
Kessler John Fredrick 5/5/1887 12/15/1925   This grave is unmarked. Obit  
Kessler Larry R. 1/22/1938 10/3/1970 Kansas M SGT US Air Force Vietnam Obit  
Kessler Loren D. 2/13/1913 5/29/1924   Son of Waldo and Goldie (Vandament) Kessler.  
Kessler Mary Marcella (Gunn) 5/29/1919 2/1/1996   Same stone as Dale F. W. Kessler.  
Kessler Paul Edwin 11/9/1910 10/21/1999 Married 4/12/1932. Same stone as wife Winona Kessler. Son of Waldo and Goldie (Vandament) Kessler.  
Kessler Priscilla Ann (Huff) 12/9/1857 2/7/1941   Same stone as Frederick W. Kessler.  
Kessler Silva 9/20/1895 7/10/1974   Obit  
Kessler Waldo E. 1884 1959   Children Paul, Dale, and Delliah Hisey. Obit  
Kessler Winona 2/5/1914 11/29/2004   Same stone as Paul Edwin Kessler.  
Kessler Zena "Goldie" (Vandament) 2/23/1889 10/3/1974   Rebekah marker. Obit  
Kimport Clare 12/23/1889 6/9/1970 Pvt. 338 Field Arty; WW I Daughter of Lewis and Hannah (Kennedy) Kimport. Obit  
Kimport Hannah K. (Kennedy) 1860 1942   Rebekah emblem. Obit  
Kimport Katrina K. 1892 1983   Rebekah emblem. Daughter of Lewis and Hannah (Kennedy) Kimport.  
Kimport L. C. 1859 1930   Large center KIMPORT stone. His full name was Lewis Cass Kimport.  
Kirkman Robert A., Jr.   7/22/1909 Aged 2y 1m 5d; Son of R.A. & Velna Kirkman; Asleep in Jesus Heart-shaped stone.  
Kline Bedford Fay 10/26/1916 12/23/2010 Father Same stone as Georgia Kline. Obit Photo
Kline Charles 8/7/1836 10/2/1918 Co. L 11th Penn. Cav. ; Father Large KLINE family stone; small individualized side stones.  Husband of Hannah Marie (Boyd) Kline. Photo Photo
Kline Elmer S. 1901 1921 Our home is in Heaven    
Kline Elsie May 2/12/1882 4/9/1963   Same stone as Samuel W. Kline. Photo
Kline Gareld 1907 1992   Same stone as Opal G. Kline. Photo
Kline Georgia M. 2/22/1918 3/14/1977 Mother Lot purchased from F.M. Nelson estate by Faye Kline 1963. Same stone as Bedford "Fay" Kline. Photo
Kline Gertrude 10/6/1918 7/26/1994 Wed 10/6/1936 Same stone as Wilbur Kline. Parents of Irene, Mary, Marjorie, Linda & Debbie. Photo
Kline Hannah M. 3/2/1847 9/11/1916 Mother KLINE family stone; individualized stones. Photo Photo
Kline Nicholas 3/28/1829 4/28/1892 Born in Pennsylvania; Aged 63y 1m; Died Norton County, Kansas    
Kline Opal G. 1909 2001   Same stone as Gareld Kline. Photo
Kline Samuel Allen "Sammy" 5/2/1946 11/2/1963      
Kline Samuel W. 10/4/1872 9/18/1956   Same stone as Elsie May Kline. Obit Photo
Kline Warren S. 1890 1918 In memory of Warren S. Kline; Co. K 4th U.S. INF; Buried in France Son of Charles and Hanna Marie (Boyd) Kline. Photo
Kline Wilbur 10/17/1912 7/19/2005 Wed 10/6/1936 Same stone as Gertrude Kline. Parents of Irene Mary, Margorie, Linda & Debbie. Photo
Knight Angie A.   7/15/1885 Wife of D. L. Knight; Aged 30y 10m 21d; Safely anchored in the harbor of eternal rest; Lord, She is as thine and not my own, Thou hast done me no wrong. Inscription is signed J, Al, Timmy, Kerwin  
Knox Henrietta H. 1854 1939   KNOX family stone; small individualized stones all enclosed by concrete border and small concrete sitting bench.  
Knox Robert H. 1849 1922   KNOX family stone; small individualized stones all enclosed by concrete border and small concrete sitting bench.  
Kobler Charlotte 5/11/1912 4/18/2001 Married June 4, 1933; Our sons: Dean, Darryl, Gilbert, Arden Same stone as Raymond Kobler. Photo
Kobler Darryl F. 1/15/1936 1/30/1961 California Lieutenant (JG) USNR Son of Raymond and Charlotte (Cutting) Kobler.  Obit Photo
Kobler Raymond 4/23/1913 3/3/2006 Married June 4, 1933; Our sons: Dean, Darryl, Gilbert, Arden Same stone as Charlotte Kobler. Obit Photo
Koel Mary M. 1/30/1922 5/23/1995 Married December 29, 1941 Same stone as Walter H. Koel.  Obit  
Koel Mary Pauline 1/1978 2/1978 Daughter of Richard & Debbie   Photo
Koel Walter H. "Buzz" 5/30/1920 1/29/2000 Married December 29, 1941  Same stone as Mary M. Koel.  VFW emblem.  Also military marker:  Sgt U.S. Army; World War II  
Kranz Otto Henry   9/10/1926   Unmarked.  Son of Henry Kranz, birthplace Wisconsin.  Death and funeral records on file at city office.  Aged 52 years. Photo
Krauss Margaret M. 1903 1985   Same stone as Oliver A. Krauss.  Rebekah emblem.  
Krauss Oliver A. 1899 1972   Oddfellow and Rebekah emblems. Obit  
Landis Fred C. 12/15/1942 12/1/1994 U.S. Navy    
Landis JoAnne 1/2/1935 5/13/2007 A Wife, Mother, Sister & Grandma    
Larrick Celestia A. 3/11/1866 9/12/1920   LARRICK family stone surrounded by 6 individualized stones.  Daughter of John Milton & Martha (Roseborough) Hardman. Obit Photo Photo
Larrick Joseph Denman 4/23/1868 8/24/1946   LARRICK family stone surrounded by 6 individualized stones. Son of Asa and Sarah (Hardesty) Larrick. Obit Photo
Larrick Louis Lloyd 6/7/1894 9/27/1918 Pro Patria; Co G 5th Reg USN LARRICK family stone surrounded by 6 individualized stones. Obit Photo Photo
Larrick Seywood 11/20/1859 11/2/1930   LARRICK family stone surrounded by 6 individualized stones. Son of Asa and Sarah (Hardesty) Larrick. Photo Photo
Larrick Thursia Estella (Logan) 12/17/1883 9/18/1928   LARRICK family stone surrounded by 6 individualized stones. Daughter of Dana Selwin and Harriett "Hattie" (Bentley) Logan. Photo
Larson Anna Marie 9/2/1845 4/5/1910 Wife of N. Larson; Farewell dear Mother, Sweet thy rest    
Larson Christina 8/23/1861 5/13/1945   Same stone as Martin Larson.  
Larson Delwin Keith 1/17/1921 1/17/1921 Son of Mr. & Mrs C.M. Larson    
Larson Louis Hans 3/20/1871 9/19/1960   Unmarked.  Son of Lars and Marie (Mortenson) Larson.  Funeral record and memorial card on file at city office.  Occupation:  farmer. Photo
Larson Martin 4/1/1865 1/7/1939   Same stone as Christina Larson. Obit  
Larson Nels 8/30/1845 9/6/1917 Father    
Larson Peter J. 1/5/1877 12/4/1919   Small stone beside the large LARSON family stone; no other names.  
Lawlis Gary T. 8/8/1947 6/5/1976   Large stone has LAWLIS on the west side and BARBO on the east side. Individual footstones.  Obit Photo of family marker Photo
Lawlis Thomas,  D.D.S. 11/29/1922 5/21/1952   Large stone with LAWLIS on west side and BARBO on east side.  Masonic emblem. Individual footstones. Photo of family marker Photo
Lehman Adin F. 1893 1966   Same stone as Lela Lehman.
Also military marker:  Kansas 2d Lt US Army; World War I; April 8, 1893 - Apr 26, 1966  Obit
Photo Photo
Lehman Lela (Olson) 1900 2004   Same stone as Adin F. Lehman. Birth date 5/7/1900. Death date 7/24/2004. Maiden name Olsen.  Married 12/1/1923. Obit on file at city office. Obit Photo
Leidig Bessie M. 5/12/1913 2/13/1998 Married 2/15/1931 Same stone as John W. Leidig.  
Leidig Clifford L. 1914 1992   Same stone as Hazel I. Leidig.  Obit Photo
Leidig Elmer 1877 1920   Large center LEIDIG stone; individualized footstones. Photo
Leidig Frances A. 12/21/1884 11/22/1969   Same stone as M. M. "Mack" Leidig.  Individually inscribed footstone. Photo of family marker Photo
Leidig Hazel I. 1921 1980   Same stone as Clifford L. Leidig. Photo
Leidig Infant 1908 1908   Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Leidig. Obit  
Leidig Jessie Mae 1885 1956   Large center LEIDIG stone; individualized footstones. Photo
Leidig John W. 12/10/1902 9/25/1995 Married 2/15/1931. Same stone as Bessie M. Leidig.  
Leidig John W. 12/11/1843 2/11/1903 Father Same stone as Rebecca Leidig. Photo
Leidig Laura (Colsrud) 12/8/1937 7/15/2010      
Leidig Lester LeRoy 12/10/1933 12/10/1933 Infant son of Mervin and Agnes Leidig   Photo
Leidig Lottie W. 6/20/1886 12/17/1962   LEIDIG headstone; individualized footstones.  
Leidig Louis W. 2/15/1926 3/14/2014      
Leidig M. M. "Mack" 2/26/1880 2/17/1963   Same stone as Frances A. Leidig.  Individually inscribed footstone. Photo of family marker Photo
Leidig Mickey John 11/18/1961 10/3/2002 Always love you; Always miss you.    
Leidig Norma Louise 7/8/1932 10/18/2008 Our Children: Roger, Susan, Karen, Janet Same stone as Louis Leidig.  Obit  
Leidig Rebecca 4/16/1840 12/4/1914 Mother Same stone as John W. Leidig. Photo
Leidig Robert William 1/23/1920 12/2/1941 Son LEIDIG family stone; individualized footstones.  
Leidig Roger Louis 4/2/1952 9/7/2003 Husband of Becky; Father of David   Photo
Leidig William Lloyd 8/12/1881 12/29/1966      
Lein Lula M. Simpson 1/6/1879 6/18/1917 Wife of J.L. Lein; Gone but not Forgotten    
Lemon Bernard 1/9/1921 12/1/1999 Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength. Same stone as (Living) Lemon.  Back:  Bernard and (Living) were married May 1, 1946.  Parents of Elaine, Wayne, Shari, Robin, Stephen, Robin  
Lemon Donald S 8/4/1919 8/4/1919      
Lemon Evelyn (Leidig) 1/12/1920 1/18/2013 Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength. Same stone as Bernard Lemon. Back: Bernard and Evelyn were married May 1, 1946. Parents of Elaine, Wayne, Shari, Robin, Stephen, Robin Obit  
Lemon Nettie M. 1881 1961   Same stone as Robert L. Lemon.  
Lemon Robert L. 1879 1941   Same stone as Nettie M. Lemon.  
Lemon Stephen 8/15/1957 8/15/1957 Infant son of Bernard & Evelyn    
Lester Joseph H. 12/18/1843 6/13/1924   Unmarked. Obit  
Lester Martha P. 1848 1891 Wife of J. H. Lester Obit  
Lindsey Glenda Gail (Carey) 3/13/1956 4/22/2016   Daughter of Charles Carey.  
Logue Emma H. 1888 1957   Same stone as Truman E. Logue. Rebekah emblem. Obit Photo
Logue Neva M. 1899 1988   Same stone as Earle Logue.  Ladies Aux VFW marker.  Maiden name was Moore.  
Logue Noble Earle 1897 1919   Same stone as Neva M Logue.  
Logue Paul S. 2/5/1921 11/2/1921      
Logue Truman E. 1879 1953   Same stone as Emma H. Logue. Oddfellow emblem. Obit Photo
Lutz Henry 10/21/1874 3/13/1953 The Lord is our Shepard. Psalm 23 Same stone as Myrtle Lutz. Photo
Lutz Joseph     Co F 2nd Ill. Cav.   Photo
Lutz Myrtle 12/24/1882 12/28/1968 The Lord is our Shepard  Psalm 23 Same stone as Henry Lutz.  Daughter of George & Ida (Parks) Emmons. Photo

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